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We bet you have lots of questions.

How do I start?

Just by signing up. From the moment you join the contest, we will monitor your stats over time until the end of the challenge. This allows us to regularly update the rankings! You don’t need to do anything else but focus on your growth in followers and generating engagement on your tweets.

Hum, what’s Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is the all-in-one Twitter growth tool we built. We help our users build a Twitter audience faster and more efficiently. Tweet Hunter has millions of viral tweet examples and AI technology to help you write tweets, as well as all the automations and scheduling features you could hope for. We launched a few months ago and are really happy with the rate at which we’re growing.

I don’t have Tweet Hunter, can I still join?

Of course. This contest isn’t just for Tweet Hunter users. It’s for everyone who wants to grow on Twitter.

I have a rather small account, how could I possibly win?

Rest assured, it’s not all about followers. As Twitter power-users, we know it’s more about the amount of quality relationships you build than the amount of followers. So we did a lot of simulations in order for large and small accounts to all have a chance to win. You’ll be able to see the “formula” once you sign up, but it includes other factors such as engagement, follower growth rate, and more.

When does it start? When does it end?

The contest starts on January 9th 2023, but you can still join along the way. It ends 3 months later on March 31th 2023. Yeah it’s a long contest. But you don’t build a habit and commit to growth in 10 days, you do it over months.

Is this free?


Is building a Twitter audience really THAT important?

It depends. If you like having more clients, more opportunities and more business relationships, then yes. If you don’t really care about that, then no. Speaking as people who have met each other on Twitter, found our first users there (even when we weren’t working on Tweet Hunter), and who continue to find growth opportunities with our audiences, we know it’s worth it.

Is there a hashtag for this challenge?

Yes! It’s #TwitterGrowth2023 You don’t need to use it to be in the challenge, but if you want people to know and see others who are participating, you can!

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